This semester I've devoted an independent study to creating my own Snail Mail line. A project designed around my love for copy writing, hand lettering, tangible print and of course snail mail.

In my whole 21 years of life I've never thrown away a single birthday card, junior high note, or love letter. They're all packed into a shoe box breaking at the seams in my closet.

Most of which are ugly, glittered up Grandma cards that simply say “Happy Birthday”. Some are beautiful letters from best friends across oceans, and others are x-boyfriend’s declaration of love.

It might seem silly to some to hold on to them all, but to me they were all sentiments worth buying a stamp for. All sentiments that connect me to a place in my life that only the words on the page can still directly relate. So I keep them, all of them. 

My obsessive collection has inspired this line of cards. It is a line designed for the everyday pen pals. Encouraging people to share tangible notes for more than just anniversaries and birthdays. These are cards designed for the random Wednesdays, the no reason I love yous and the out of the blue encouragement. This is the Snail Mail Project.    


Posted on March 24, 2014 and filed under Snail Mail, Analog Happiness.