A. Each month does have a sort of color, but I don't really see it as one solid opaque color, it's like there's a base color according to the first letter of the month's name and then some "undertones"  or like splotches of color based on the other letters. January is gray with some brown and pink, February is green, March is red with some pink, April is light pink with yellow and a little purple, May is red, June is gray with brown, July is gray and white, August is pink (darker than April) and brown, September is purple with some dark green and red, October is white with some yellow, November is brown with some dark green and red, and December is dark blue with some dark green and red.


A. I am attaching pictures of them. The dotted lines represent some kind of conceptual division I have between groups of letters/numbers. It's hard to say if I really "see" these lines, but there just seems to be some kind of distinct separation somehow. There might be something with depth, like the letters on one side of a division are closer to me?

The background color is really hard to pinpoint, for the alphabet it's kind of a warm brown with pink and purple tones? It's the same for numbers unless I'm focusing on a specific group like 20s or 30s that have the same first digit, then the background is more like the color of that number. After 100 the numbers go in the same "shape" as they do from zero, and then repeat it again at 200, 300 etc. Hundreds and thousands also follow the same pattern, i.e. 1,000-9,000 go up in a straight line then there's a division at 10,000 and then 11,000 to the right, etc.

If I'm just thinking about numbers in an abstract way then I usually see it as if I'm standing at 0, but if I'm thinking about age then I often see it as if I'm standing at 21 (my age) and looking backwards or forwards, and if I'm thinking about history I'm standing at 2014. 

Snippets from the 2nd Interview with Adrienne.

Sneak peaks into some of the posters that will be in the thesis exhibition. Many of which were inspired by Adrienne and her answers. 

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