I've been sketching and developing out how I can bring all of my research into reality in an interesting and engaging way. My goal is to stimulate Synesthetic experiences for those of us who don't see phone numbers as a color palette. I've decided to do this by using augmented reality.

Below is an app called Aurasma which allows you to add information to what is being viewed through an ipad/iphone. My plan is to create various posters using information I've gather from interviews and blogs with people who have Synesthesia.

For example, the phone number, I would design a typographic poser designed in black and white, as most of us would see the numbers, then with use of the augmented reality lens the forms will simulate a Synesthetic experience of color. Resulting in the expansion of the viewers perception of how color is viewed, used and interacted with.  

WHAT'S NEXT: I've downloaded the app, time to start experimenting with it's features and limitations. Also, keep designing the posters.

Posted on April 3, 2014 and filed under Senior Thesis.