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Bunny Love

Happiness can overflow into design when you love not only what you’re designing, but why.
— Anonymous

Every time I begin a new project I try to learn everything I can about the subject matter. Research, interview and most importantly get some first hand experience.

My most recent encounter with this idea was with the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue. When I began to speak with them about doing some design work, my first step was to volunteer at the center socializing bunnies. The most enjoyable and rewarding type of "research" — I love what I do.

Sonoma, Bonnie and Bozo found a special place in my heart! 

After gaining volunteer experience I developed the concept for the campaign. I then collaborated with Allison Ezzo, a talented photographer/videographer to join me in an entertaining bunny photo shoot! Allison shot video while I took photographs, check out some process shots below —

Allison Ezzo, Photographer/Videographer

Allison Ezzo, Photographer/Videographer

We then complied all of the footage and began to cut it into a video for the Rabbit Rescue Center, as well as record the voice over — Lovely Haley Behnfeldt was the voice actor.


To see the final project check out my portfolio. 

Posted on November 14, 2013 .