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Designer's Heaven

A few of the bad ass people who presented at this years AIGA Head Heart Hand Conference.  


The Most Entertaining presenter goes to Nicole Jacek!

Bold    |    Unapologetic    |    German

This electric graphic designer had a fresh bold sense of humor that kept the audience laughing and nodding in agreement. I was appreciative that she brought zero bullshit to the stage, it felt real and extremely entertaining. Which is exactly what I'd choose to sit through in any type of auditorium presentation. 

Jacek's artwork did not disappoint, it was as cool and collected as she was. She recently founded an agency in LA, and is a designer worth looking up. If you're too lazy I put some of her design work below, you're welcome. 

The Most Legendary presenter goes to George Lois! 

Pioneer    |    Visionary    |    Pistol

This man needs no introduction, it was an honor to hear him speak about his work and his career. Along with a lot of valuable advice. —

"Your job as a graphic designer is to awaken, disturb, instigate, and most of all, provoke." – George Lois 


The Most Endearing presenter goes to Paulina Reyes

Inspiring    |    Graceful    |    Organic

Paulina is the type of designer, the type of person that for some reason you naturally want to root for. The type of person that just exudes a rare form of kindness, which is beautifully reflected into her work. Listening to her speak was a shining reminder that there are good people out there that not only try to make good designs, but also make sure that their good designs make good in the world. 

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Posted on January 4, 2014 .