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Studio Tours

Carmichael Lynch // FAME // Martin Williams

During the AIGA conference my friend Jen and I went on a series of studio tours. It was a great way to see the studio life of MInneapolis, as well as explore the city. Carmichael Lynch was our first stop, including their beautiful rooftop view! 

Jen Sullivan | left  Haley Fischer | right

Next up, FAME — Creative environments are always a playground to explore. FAME had a couple treats up their sleeves, including the Wall of Fame (jars filled with items unique to each employee) and an Eames Room filled with all Eames furniture! 

Martin Williams was our last stop, which was actually just directly above FAME. Like the others Martin Williams also had "treats" for their employees, including a bar with Finnegans beer on tap. Oh, the creative world is a rough life.