Starting an Etsy Shop, Finally!


I've done various illustration here and there in my free time, really just for myself. People would ask if I had a website they could purchase prints on, and I'd just moon walk away. It always just seemed like so much work and time. (Which it totally is, ha!) I guess the big difference is I've gone from agency life to illustrating full-time for Elum Designs. My work life balance is much improved, my happiness overall is night/day. Which makes me more inspired and more motivated to finally do the damn thing. I hope you guys enjoy it!


First off, I needed to name my shop. I started by writing a bunch of words that I associate with drawing and designing. But to be honest, every time I thought I had a cute unique name I'd do the trusty Google search and find out how NOT special it was. So I started to write down a list of more personal words, specific to me. That's how I ended up with a name that gives me warm fuzzies. 


Named after the fierce women that have carried me, shined the way and make a mean biscuit and gravy. 

My Mom / Ranelle — Elle

My Grandmother / Dottie — Dot

These two women have never wavered in their support of me and my art career. To say I wouldn't exist without them is obvious, but to say I wouldn't be who I am, where I am without them is just the truth. I wish I could afford a giant gesture to honor them, but all I have is this baby Etsy shop. So I thought, I will start here. 


They have the same birthday. Guess great people are born on Sept 26th. 



You can explore the Etsy shop here

Posted on August 20, 2018 .